Thursday, January 21, 2016


Pink is really not my color, really not me exactly. I do really love the dark color like black, gray, maroon, brown. But I realized that most of my wardrobe full of dark colors and I'm getting bored with it. In addition to the dark color of my wardrobe is mostly casual clothes that tend boyish. Someday I think I need something that smells of women, like skirts, long shirts, and anything with bright color.So I’m going to find and buy it.
When I went to one of my favorite clothing store, I found this dress and I think this fit what I want, look elegant but remains simple because not many pieces in this shirt. And certainly when I wear very fit with my posture.
Response friends see me dressed like this is shocked because they think that not really me. But they said I look elegant with this dress and indeed sometime become an actual woman was also necessary even if only through clothes.
The impact now I became increasingly interested in clothing that intersect graceful and unique despite the color is still held captive by dark color. Maybe I should learn more to improve my fashion, not always imitate fashion in a trend but be yourself and comfortable is the real fashion.

x Avia x

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