Monday, January 25, 2016


On Saturday, after the final exam I and college friends, plans to vacation in Yogyakarta for 2 days 1 night. We departed from Semarang Saturday morning, rising private car. The trip was don’t feel very long or far because during our trips are always chat and joke. Leaving at 1 am, arriving at the main object at 5 am. The first object that we visit is Nglambor Beach in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.
Because of this Nglambor beach is a beach that hasn’t been much in the public know so the access road is still difficult, we had to walk from the car park to the beach. Pass road in was quite difficult because there are still wearing the rock, on the other hand because of heavy rain the night before the soil was loose so the shoes we wear very dirty with mud.
15 minutes of walking, we finally reached the coast, not in vain indeed, the beach is very beautiful and the water is still clear. The remarkable thing again when we arrived there, there is absolutely no visitors. Feel this beach is ours. The surf beach that morning was still quite large, we were a little anxious, afraid that we plan to fail.
We wait for the waves to recede until 8 am. Having already looks safe for swimming so we also hire snorkeling. Yeyy finally we did it. This is my first time I did snorkel in the high seas, very excited but little scary. And it was great fun, fun because I could see the beauty of the underwater world, see the fish and corals are still beautiful. Hopefully, this beauty will not be lost due to human activity. Stop destroying the environment around you, to care for them.

x Avia x

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