21 y.o

I started my blog Aviassionate over 4 years ago because of a need to share my dreams, my goals, my story and my passion. I'm very interested in all things related to fashion, art, and photography.
This blog I created initially to fulfill the task of school but I'm interested to persevere, otherwise I'm also inspired by the famous bloggers of the world can make their blogs to be unique and interesting, and that's one of  my goal.

I am Indonesian born and raised. Exactly I lived in Semarang, Indonesia. I have a big brother who now lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. So now I lived in Semarang just with my parents.
In fact my job is I don’t have a job. I was still enrolled as a student at Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang , precisely in management study program.

I tried to be an active student on campus by following organizations, which is Management Student Association, in the second year I appointed to be the Chairman of the Management Student Association, and in the third year I level up again become a member of Student Representative Council, the highest organization in faculty or university.

I also turn to set up my own brand, namely Aviassionate Scraft which sells a wide range scraft for the hijabers.

All articles published on this blog is the result of my own work and not copy and paste from other articles. And all the reviews posted on this blog I created with all honesty.

All photos contained in this blog is the result of my own work, except in photographs that I include a link source.

And I took pictures of me that I publish in this blog using the Sony NEX-F3 camera, I edit them with Adobe Photoshop or Photoscape.

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