Thursday, January 21, 2016


( Rissa, Nindita, Vinisia, Me )

So this event is really unpredictable. Initially I was invited to hangout with one of my female friends Vinisia in Blackbone caffe , she told us just hangout with my two other friends,  Nindita and Rissa. Girls day out as we call it. Our initial plan to caffe is not just a hangout but also want to take pictures, because interior in this caffe is very nice. Already a routine we are looking for a nice place, and then we took a picture there and we post on our Instagram account. We decided to wear a black and white dresscode so that when in the photo looks good.
Arriving there just me and Nindita, not long later Vinisia come, we chat and joke,don’t realize that Rissa hasn’t arrived yet in place. Anxious something happens on the road, I decided to contact her by phone, but no response. And suddenly came was a swarm of my other friends, along with Rissa, they surprised me with a cake and balloons. And I began to realize that this was my surprise birthday. Really unpredictable because this event was already a week after my birthday.
Honestly I was quite touched because they have time to plan a surprise for me though simple and late. And surprisingly they wear the same dresscode with the four of us, black and white (maybe they are already planned). And this is our excitement, joking unconsciously others people in the caffe ​​looking for us the crowds and craziness. Thank you guys, you all my partner craziest ever. Love you all.

x Avia x

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