Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Yeyy I'm officialy 21th in last 5 November 2015. Aging hopefully may all come true and the resolution of future expectations run smoothly. Amin. Nothing special on my birthday this time, I don’t think held the celebration or something. Because I think increasing age that is to say we live in a world of diminishing, so I had to start thinking forward, mature and wise. The next morning I was shaken by the arrival of my boyfriend at my home with bringing a cake and gifts, he was the first to give me utterance, Thank you bf.
In the afternoon one of my friends invite me to play along with my other friends, perhaps for those of you who have seen my post before this one must know who they are, yes they are my second fam. We make a pact to meet at a caffe near my campus, because I still have lectures during the day. Arriving there, nothing special, we meet, chat and suddenly one of my friends come up with bringing a cake and balloons and gifts. I know they will notforget my birthday, although I didn't expect that. Thank you guys, thank you all for the prayers.

x Avia x

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