Sunday, February 8, 2015


Bolong Mountain

Lawang Mountain

Our last day in Mergolangu village, we invited some teenagers in the hamlet Prigi to see the natural beauty of Mergolangu village with mountain climbing . We will climb the Ponjen mountain that  the closest mountain from hamlet Prigi , we walked together through the fields of ginger and chilli . Field we passed not too heavy , we walked the final 15 minutes of the Ponjen mountain tops visible , start there has been a very beautiful surrounding scenery. 

We continue on to the top of Ponjen mountain , top Ponjen mountain looks amazingly beautiful scenery , only one word that came out of our mouths ' Subhan Allah ' , an amazingly beautiful creations you God , looks like a painting . From Ponjen mountain we can see two other mountains there are Lawang mountain and Bolong mountain. But unfortunately our time is limited so as not to climb the mountain one by one there , maybe next time if there is a chance we come back here .

x Avia x

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