Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The last few days in Semarang the weather isn’t clear, sometimes heavy rain but the next day can be overwhelming heat . I don’t know what happen with the weather in this month . Yesterday the weather was very very hot and I had no class schedules so me and my very bestfriend decided to hang out looking for something refreshing our bodies in this hot weather . We finally decided to visit one of the café with the cozy atmosphere and we didn’t need to sunbathe here , in addition to the menu that are presented are also diverse, btw I choose Greentea latte for my favorite here . We’re chatting about anything , it's one of the things that will happen if you do a quality time with your bestfriend. The other side, this café has a nice and unique decor, so don’t forget to us to take pictures for our instagram album . Sorry for our bad habit . Have a nice day everyone

x Avia x