Monday, December 8, 2014


Hello guys this time I want to share a story , seen from title ofthe post rather not connect with the theme of the conversation , but no problem . Okay last Wednesday me and  my friends organization HMM on a mission venture fund , in the framework of our work program , so here we sell flowers in front of  Patrajasa hotel ballroom where the graduation of UDINUS ceremony was held . 

Not as we thought , it was hard to sell flowers on the ground , in addition to there are so many  competitors in there , at that time theweather is extra hot . Sorry for my friends, but we still spirit for the sake of the target . In 12 pm we decided to end our struggle and go home , rest a few flowers still unsold , we finally took the initiative to sell freely to people . Day long , tiring and quite make us aware of the hard earn money out there . We hope our efforts will succeed. Enough for this post,  have a nice day.

Location : Hotel Patrajasa, Semarang

x Avia x

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