Saturday, April 9, 2016


Hallo guys long time no see .
The last few weeks I rarely check my blog , I also didnt have time to update my blog post . Because in this semester a lot of tasks that require extra time to work on it , other than it was a week ago my boyfriend had been sick and need to injection for several days in the hospital , it obliges me to go back and forth to campus , a hospital and a home of my own for the rest , so the time to create a blog post content into neglect .
And just this week I was totally off duty so that I can start blogging again . Maybe I 'll think of some of the content on my blog post for supplies on tomorrow weeks because soon I will undergo a midterm and surely it will also reduce my free time .
So stay tune on my next post , please follow my blog and my social media, dont forget to leave comment bellows . Have a nice day.

x Avia x

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