Friday, December 12, 2014


It's actually a long post anyway , last November me and my friends went to Wonosobo for survey , in the village Mergolangu . Survey here means we survey a remote village to destinations where our campus social events , originally not thought to be so far but this village that we think suitable for our social event . We were there riding a motorcycle , the way from Semarang to Wonosobo smoothly without a hitch . But at the time of entry into the border village of Wonosobo with Mergolangu start our adventure , from major roads leading to the village we passed through the streets of  broken  rocky along the way , almost 2 hours we’re going. 

On the way we pass through various obstacles , the motor into the mud, not strong rise so that sitting in the back had to go down and walk along the street ride , exceptional exhausting . But behind all that , when we got in the village Mergolangu we were greeted kindly by the citizens , we also taught a great place to get around the landscape . 

Our struggle pays off here with the extraordinary panorama of the beautiful , the air that is cool and friendly citizens who make our spirits rise . With the potential of the village which has a lot of natural beauty , we thought to help this village into a tourist village . Hopefully, our goal is to run smoothly without any obstacles .

Location : Desa Mergolangu, Wonosobo

x Avia x

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