Sunday, May 22, 2016


I'm so obsessed with a new thing in this recent weeks . Because I often read magazines or blogs and also saw some videos on youtube about decorating the room, especially bedroom. so I was thinking that I want to make my bedroom into the all white theme, like some of the picture above. I like the decor was that in white color domination, it makes a small room becomes more widespread, and looks cleaner. The decor was also organized so well that eliminate the impression of a mess in the room.
From several sources I will decide reference to do a make over in my bedroom to shades of all and a little bit black on some of the furniture . Let's see what kind of changes will happen in my bedroom , but maybe it took several weeks ya guys. If everything is done I'll show you the result . I can’t wait to show you guys . I'm so excited . How about you guys with this kind of the room d├ęcor ? Do you like it or not ?
 x Avia x

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