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So in this post I want to share about my favorite daily makeup stuff, ranging from skincare , haircare , makeup and tools. I 'll review a bit why I like to wear makeup that I publish in this post. So check this out :

Ella Aloe - C Spray

For you who have dry facial skin , like me, I highly recommend this product . Ella Aloe Spray - C is vitamin C, which serves to moisten the skin of our faces . Its texture is soft so for those of you who want to go out in the late afternoon or evening ( no sunlight ) without using a moisturizer you can apply Ella Aloe - C Spray as a substitute for your moisturizer, then apply foundation or bb cream as a base makeup and your base makeup will really blend with the face due to dampness . How the application is easy: just spray it into your face except around the eyes , and it was very refreshing if you apply it in the daytime.

Ella Facial Gel Cleanser

I highly compatible with all products skincare from Ella, start from sun screen, night cream, toner, and also gel cleanser, but for this time I review Ella second products that I really like,  that is Ella Facial gel cleanser, this gel cleanser serves as a face wash. I love it because the texture is soft on the skin of the face and when you wear it, you facial skin will feel clean, rough and fresh, especially for cleaning your makeup after using makeup remover. And I never want to try another face wash products because these products are very worthy and very affordable. 

HG Hair Grown Tonic
Since I wear hijab, I have increasingly provide a variety of vitamins on my hair, because wearing hijab that means our hair is covered by a veil and certainly will be moist, so it will be a lot of hair problems are popping up, like the one I experienced, my hair fall out so badly, if diameter hair was elongated, every time I comb surely there are hair fall to the floor and it was very frustrating because it makes me imagine I'll go bald. After that I thought rather than a loss for ways to stop hair loss better if I trigger the growth of hair by using this HG hair grow, so that the balance between falling hair and growing, and the product is highly recommended at all because my hair is starting to look more volume than before I wear this product, shortage of this product will make your hair becomes very dry, so I get around it by using a hair vitamin. And the problems are solve. 

Vaseline Healthy White Lotion

Of all the body lotion products that there are, only two products that match with my skin and recommended once that Jergens (exhausted, and I havent had time to buy it) and Vaseline healthy white, all of my skin texture from face, lips, even skin accomplice dry texture, with this Vaseline healthy white my skin become more humid, I had the slightest application of its own moisture evenly so that it can be more efficient. Besides this body lotion contains a UV protector which I think is very important because in Indonesia had a tropical weather, a lot of sun light, so I needed a body lotion that contains many SPV, sometimes I also use Vaseline SPV 30 in very dry season. 

Professional Artist Cosmetics Martha Tilaar

PAC Martha Tilaar this is the kind of talc powder, I usually use at the moment in my face appear acne or oily. Why do I love this product ? Because although the type of this product is powder but it will stick to my face without having a lot of touch-up, in addition to the smooth texture and its scent I love it. 

Loreal Mat Magique All in One

L'oreal Mat Magique are the products of my favorite two way cake after Wardah (exhausted, and I havent time to buy it), because it is very suitable to my skin color and texture that medium, not too dry and not too humid. Light texture so that when wearing it in my face I dont feel too thick, and so far I have never troubled skin while wearing them. Disadvantages of this product is not durable so at least 5 hours once you have to touch up, especially if the weather is humid conditions. 

Pokari Nail Polish

I'm not a lover of nail art to be honest but sometimes I like coloring my nails with nail polish when I go out. Pokari nail polish are local products, so much drugstore that many are sell it in Indonesia and the price is very very affordable, honestly I have never tried nail polish in addition to this brand, but so far this nail polish is pretty good, the texture is thick so as to apply it doesnt need to be repeated, and at the time of the polish remover to eliminate it simply by applying it, not too difficult to remove. It shortcomings didnt long last, if you use more than two days of it the color had started to break and fall apart. But I think it worthy if in view of the price. 

Wardah Blush On

Because for everyday I like to wear natural makeup, so I tried this Wardah blush on for my face didnt look pale, it color is pigmented so you dont need to be extravagant to use it, and I tell other uses of this Wardah blush on is as eye shadow, because the type of its mate so that when applied on the eyelids will look natural, like not wearing eye shadow, I often use Wardah blush on as eye shadow just to give definition to my eyes so our natural look are not too doughy , And the price was also very very affordable. 

Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder

A few weeks ago I recently tried this product and I really like, the color is not too bright or dark in my face and the texture mate together in my face without me having to touch up repeatedly, in addition to the packaging of its small, i think its so cute makeup up i've ever had. In such a small package in it already had a sponge applicator, but no mirror in it because this kind of refill cake powder. 

Maybelline The Hyper Curl Mascara

I love this mascara so much. Of the many mascara I've ever tried just this Maybelline The Hyper Curl is the most I love, this mascara waterproff and when applied on the lashes will make your lashes to be volume and not going down. In addition a lot of the beauty bloggers chose this mascara product as their favorite product. 

Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick

This Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick have textured semi-mate, so it is suitable for you who have dry lips like me. It's just a shortage of lipstick type of semi-mate are easily fade or not durable, so you should frequently touch up, but for me it doesnt matter because honestly it is difficult for me find a lipstick that made my lips stay healthy, dont make my lips blackened after wear it, and this product I think fit from the start of texture, color, packaging and price, besides this product is drugstore so you could be looking at the makeup store nearest you. 

Pixy Perfect Eyeliner

Just like mascara, which I love from Pixy Perfect Eyeliner is because waterproff so that when our skin sweaty or greasy this eyeliner will not fade, it waterproff is outrageous because when you cleanse it with toner or makeup remover, eyeliner is not will disappear completely, I used to wear baby oil to remove it. Besides waterproff that I like from this eyeliner, was the brush, the brush is stiff and tapered at the end so easily applied. But if you think wearing a linear liquid hard enough you could use markers liner or gel liner, I've tried everything and I was more prever to liquid liner perfect eyeliner expecially Pixy Perfect Eyeliner. 

Viva Eyebrow Pencil

To be honest I dont really like using eyebrow things, such as eyebrow pencil, gel or pomade for basiclly my eyebrow not too thin or thick, so I let my eyebrow to stay natural without shaping it, but the last few weeks ago I want to try to give a little touch up on my eyebrow, the first time I use it i think its work it and i love it. My eyebrows look more to be volume but still looks natural. I liked this from viva eyebrow pencil it quite pigmented so I just need to apply a little, other than that its brown color is well suited to my facial skin and the color of my hair so it was not too noticeable. 

Marie Dalgar Zybs Buffing Brush

Soft, aplicated, and can be used for any requirement not only for buffing, and sometimes I use it for blending all the makeup I wear so that its color regularly. And I was very happy with the texture, very soft to the skin. 

So it was that some of the reviews on me about a product that I frequent daily use, hopefully this article useful for you who are still deciding which makeup that matches your skin . See you next post .

Disclaimer: This post contains no sponsored content. 

Occasionally I am sent products for review but they will only be featured if I truly like them and use them regularly. Everything else has been paid for with my own hard earned pennies.

x Avia x


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