Wednesday, March 2, 2016


So this post I will to show you all about my February Fashion Haul. Many items that I bought through online stores and offline stores. All you have to know, I bought these goods in accordance with the needs that were I need right now. So in this post I'll be a little review quality goods that I purchased (according in my standpoint ). So check this out.

1. Jeans
Brand: Nevada
For those of you may already be familiar with this brand which is famous for the quality of their jeans. Why I chose to buy it because I was so fit with all the important things in this jeans ranging from size, material, price, and very easy to get. Besides these jeans are not easily damaged or color of the jeans faded. Few tips in the treatment of jeans, not too frequent washing it if it wasnt really dirty, because it will reduce the aesthetics of jeans, then dont proper drying in the sun, especially jeans in dark color.

2. Mini Backpack                                               
Brand: Ptr Project
I love this mini backpack, that is so cute, very good material, I really love the color is, the price is very friendly, and you can wear that bag in any condition or moment like hangout, go to college, traveling or something else. So I really recommend this bag to you to have it.

3. Blouse                                 
Brand: Local Id
Local Id is one of my favorite local brands. They only sell their products through an online store or bazaar. I particularly liked their brand because they are very good quality product, the price is affordable and the production model of their clothes are very unique.

4. MakeUp Pouch
Brand: Beeyewi
Cute is the word for explain this pouch. I bought it because I needed a place for my makeup when I was traveling and lectures. In addition to its unique shape, the material is made from canvas that is not easily damaged. Motif on offer is also a lot, and of course, the price is very very affordable.
5. Camera Strap
Brand: Lokoggaya
To be honest I didnt really need this camera strap, but it motive was very cute and made me couldnt bear to buy it. In terms of material I think is pretty good, but on it hook straps are not too tight so there is fear loose when in use, especially for a camera that has a big body like a DSLR camera, but for a pocket or mirrorless camera I think is still safe.

6. Shoes
Brand: Nevada
I honestly dont recommend you to buy a product Nevada in the form of shoes. Although the product which is jeans or outer are my favorite but not for their shoes. I think the model is too limited, especially for flatshoes. The quality is pretty good, but if the material is exposed to water it soles will be easier to peel. So for those of you who want to find shoes that are durable and the treatment is not difficult so better to put on another product, such as The Little Things She Needs, Wakai or Donatello for flatshoes.

So that a little review from me about fashion product that I bought , I hope in this post can help you in choosing a quality product but at a low price .

Disclaimer: This post contains no sponsored content. 

Occasionally I am sent products for review but they will only be featured if I truly like them and use them regularly. Everything else has been paid for with my own hard earned pennies.

 x Avia x


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