Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Yeyyy . Alhamdulillah after a long wait , finally I get you . I always wish I had a camera , I'm not hobby in photography but I love take photo with the object is myself , in the form of outfit or my moments with my friends .
Tell us a bit about this camera guys . So I bought this camera with the mirrorless type , why did I choose mirrorless camera ? Because of its unique shape , minimalist , and easy to carry , unlike the DSRL camera which has a big body, this camera is very practical if taken for traveling. The second reason is because although the body is minimalist but the spesification same with DSLR camera , I think even better . The last reason because I'm not a professional photographer and still very novice then with this camera I would have no difficulty in operation. It's easy and maximum results.
So for those of you whose hobby is traveling, mirrorless camera types was very suited to complement your traveling moments .

x Avia x

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