Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Maybe for you who frequently use social media Instagram and the basic you like to fashion hijab , you must already know the two this beautiful and stylish teens . They are Amelia Elle and Aghnia Punjabi . They are well known in instagram so many people call them selebgram , with many followers that they often become the object endorse the online merchants , especially fashion and beauty make-up .
Not only the two of them but now a lot of the selebgram sprung , with the personal style of each. But to be honest I was very inspiring in the world of fashion was the two of  them, Elle and Aghnia, because their style is chic , cool , a little boyish but sometimes they can also look elegant on several occasions .
And I think they don’t need branded or expensive clothes to look fashionable . So I like it so much to them.

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