Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This is the umpteenth time I called them my second family after my parents and my brother . Why ? Well from the beginning to go to college , to this day they are always on and always there not only in good times but also when we are in a hard time and need them to entertain themselves . We arrange a meeting in a student organization called HMM .2 years on a joint organization they made me accustomed and consider them not just friends but family . 

And now in the third year we 've had a busy each , there is a focus of the thesis , work, college and focus on other organizations , but whatever our busy , I personally would definitely go back to them , when we are tired with the affairs of each we gave time to gather for a moment forget the burden of thought . Hopefully in the future we are together always to the success of each. Amin

x Avia x

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