Sunday, February 8, 2015


February 2 big family of student organizations FEB UDINUS will set out on social events in Mergolangu village, Wonosobo . We took off on the bus at 8 am , approximately 5 hour drive , we arrived at Depok , Wonosobo . We stopped at an elementary school there , waiting for a shuttle ride to the village our destination , we were picked up by a truck that did not come , even though we were very tired and hungry . We got bought up all the meatball when there are meatballs circumference sellers . half 3 pm truck arrived , we rushed up and get ready to travel to the destination country . 

Unexpectedly , in the way we can do is complain heat and body pain because of the pace truck unstable , how no roads leading to the village destination  was badly damaged , the trip takes an hour , around half 4 pm we arrived at Mergolangu village, its precise in the village hall . There has been a lot of people with a friendly welcome on our arrival , the opening ceremony took place , as well as sharing the house each child , my friend Aulia and I get home in the hamlet Prigi , precisely in the home village chief named Mrs Mohardi . 

A short story , during the 6 days we were there , we did a lot of activities such as agricultural extension services to citizens , drug education for junior high school students , the competition for kindergarten and elementary school students , tausyah and voluntary work . That makes satisfied are enthusiastic citizens incredible moment to follow our activities , especially children and adolescents .

Even 6 days we were there , on Saturday, February 7, we said goodbye to all the people there , it was tough to leave everything in the village , the friendliness of its inhabitants, its natural potential and its definite attraction pristine unspoiled visitors . In the event we cover gives the impression of a message and our gratitude to them , tears were unstoppable again . Hopefully in the future we could have given the opportunity to return to this beautiful country and can help more than ever we help them  today . Thank you very much Mergolangu village has provided a lot of valuable experience for us .
x Avia x

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