Friday, November 1, 2013


Look at the way she was dressed , she's really got her style, she dressed according to taste, what she likeswithout looking a trend fashion like most other fashion lovers, they always wear a new produk, branded,  which is becoming a trend in fashion world. Natalie is a fashion lovers, she's a fashion blogger with a vintage style as her trademark . Yet many of the fashion bloggers who apply vintage outfit style in their daily lives, they only wear it on certain events . Natalie managed to forge match her vintage taste how to doesn’t look outdated because basically vintage style is a kind of fashion in antiquity just got back a trendsetter. I am one of the lovers of vintage style, but yet apply it to my daily outfit. Soon maybe . If you are still wondering how cool Natalie  mix her vintage passion, let's visit her amazing blog Natalie Off Duty. Let's rock with vintage girls.

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