Sunday, June 23, 2013


    Hello guys long ago I’m not opened this blog, even almost forgot the address of the email, advised I’am not the professional blogger but for the future hopefully could always be present to share stories and experiences. The last few months I was busy undergoing preparation a national exam and college entrance exams so find time to write in this blog is very difficult. Once all done I started thinking of filling my time to write again on the blog, I started to change the design template on my blog and delete the old blog post, just for refreshment.
    Starting this month insyaAllah I will wear hijab, Alhamdulillah as already there are calls to do it and it is very comfortable compared when not wearing the hijab and the most important is that I will never have a bad hair day again because it was making me frustrated .

     Back on the blog, today I'm so excited because today my cousin Rahma be on a vacation in Semarang after a boarding school in Solo, we are very close because it has the same tastes, the lenght our age are also just 1 year. During the holidays we often spend time together, today we went shopping for some necessities like clothes, make up and many others.

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